CRON 2-Up to 8-Up Metal Computer to Plate

Key Features

  • Automatic Punching
  • Available Multi-Casette Autoloader
  • Inline Processor
  • 26", 36", and 46" models
  • Resolution 1200-3600dpi
  • Speeds from 14-75 plates per hour
  • 16-96 laser channels
  • Registration accuracy .01mm
  • Stochastic screening to 10 μm

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The Cron is a versatile metal CTP system, capable of imaging resolutions up to 3600dpi. The optical carriage, with integrated optics and lasers, a v-shaped guide rail and linear magnetic drive, ensures friction free movement. The dual balanced drum enables high-speed vibrationless performance. Automatic temperature and focus compensation and optical correction guarantee exceptional image quality and help to reduce power.
Cron's 3-point loading system and sensor positioning allow for smooth and efficient plate loading for a range of plate sizes. The digital control panel handles everything from plate loading to imaging, punching to processing. The system is compatible with most pre-press workflow packages.
Designed to grow as your business does, the Cron is configurable with mix and match components that allow you to run manual to fully-automated. With a choice of liquid-cooled diodes configurations ranging from 16 – 96 channels, speeds of up to 75 plates an hour are possible. Compact, with add-on components that can be arranged in a variety of configurations, the CRON is good choice for small or unique spaces.
Cron is a low maintenance, affordable, metal CTP solution for the offset mid-size print market. This feature-rich fully integrated CTP system is the perfect choice for Commercial and Newspaper applications.

Cron G Series Demonstration Video

Demonstrates design and operation of the CRON 36G

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