Challenge MS-5 5-Spindle Paper Drill

Key Features

  • Multi-Hole Drilling
  • up to 5 Holes
  • Side Guide Adjustments
  • Backgauge Adjustments
  • Easy Drill Length Adjustment
  • 2" Hollow Drill Bits Available in 13 sizes
  • 2-1/2" Hollow Drill Bits Available in 4 sizes
  • Hollow Drill Bits Also Available With Teflon Coating

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With the Challenge MS-5, a simple touch of the foot pedal brings that table up to the heads using hydraulic power. The MS-5 comes with three heads, and can be fitted with two additional heads as an option. Up to five holes can quickly and easily be drilled in lifts up to 2 1/2". Drill head adjustments are fast and simple. The Challenge MS-5 is perfect for any bindery looking for a fast and efficient paper drilling solution.

Challenge MS-5 Product Demonstration Video

Demonstrates design and operation of the Challenge MS-5 5-spindle drill.

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