Challenge Handy Jog Table Top Paper Jogger

Key Features

  • Front–side loading
  • Three trays to choose from - Standard tray, Check tray, and Large 11" x 17" Tray
  • Up to 11” x 17” stock size
  • Powerful jogging action
  • Quiet operation
  • Maintenance-free drive mechanism
  • Optional “Instant-On” footswitch
  • UL listed

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An inherent problem in today’s digital environment is the amount of static electricity that is present in digitally printed paper. This issue makes it difficult to properly align stacks of print for additional processing, such as to make a book or to feed product into a folder or collator.Joggers make it easier to cleanly stack a pile of paper by bouncing the stack while the operatorhandles it. Logically, it makes sense to have a jogger that is convenient and easy to use next to every piece of bindery equipment.

Challenge makes paper jogging more affordable than ever! The Handy-Jog is a low-cost,highly effective jogger that fits into the most cost-conscious budget. With its small footprint, theHandy-Jog can be placed beside any machine in the most crowded shops. Its high power andquiet operation efficiently jogs paper up to 11" x 17". Unlike other low cost joggers that havemotors, bearings, and rubber couplings, the Handy-Jog has no moving parts that will wear orrequire maintenance! Also, unique to the Handy-Jog is the optional footswitch that makesoperation convenient and efficient.

All Challenge products have been crafted with pride in the U.S.A since 1870!

Champion Handy Jog with Check Tray

The Challenge Handy Jog is also available with a Check Tray

Handy Jog With Check Tray

Champion Handy Jog with Large Tray

The Challenge Handy Jog is also available with a Larger Tray

Handy Jog With Large Tray

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