Challenge PowerLift II Palette Lift

Key Features

  • Handles a pallet up to 55” x 41”
  • Lifts and Lowers up to 2500 pounds
  • Lifts to meet cutter table heights up to 36-1/2”
  • Hydraulic Lifting Power · Welded Steel Frame Construction
  • Auto or Manual Up/Down Controls
  • Adjustable Height Infrared Auto Lift/Lower Sensor
  • Sensor Arm is Mountable on Left or Right of Stack
  • Swivel Mounted Control Arm
  • Caster and Wheels for Mobility
  • One-Year Warranty – top to bottom

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The Power Lift is designed to save time and help reduce the back strain associated with bending to lift stock from or return stock to a pallet. When positioned near standard-height cutters, it lifts up to 1,500 pounds to cutter table height

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