Saber X-15 54" Programmable Paper Cutter

Key Features

  • Heavy Duty Mechanical Knife, Double Arm Pull
  • 15" LCD Touch Screen Display
  • Automatic Tool-less Knife Adustment
  • Chrome main and side table surface with air
  • Ballbearing Lead SCrew with Linear Guides
  • CIP3/CIP4 Capable

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For taking on heavy-duty cutting projects, it doesn’t get better than the SABER: the best technology, the most power, the greatest endurance. Set up this workhorse and you’ll have nothing but years of satisfying, easy, high-quality operation. Cut the biggest jobs down to size in no time— again and again. The SABER makes it simple.

Saber Product Demonstration Video

Demonstrates design and operation of the X-15 Series Paper Cutters.

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