Presstek 52DI 14" x 20" Direct Imaging 4-Color Press

Key Features

  • Images plates simultaneously on press in precise register
  • Smart Inking presets ink-keys and loads ink train for next job
  • Automatic ink roller and blanket cleaning
  • Only 10 minutes to first printed sheet
  • Capable of up to 300DPI and FM Screening
  • Available UV or Aqueous Coaters

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The Presstek 52DI is a highly automated 52cm landscape sheetfed four-color digital offset printing press that combines the efficiency of an all-digital workflow with the versatility and quality of conventional four-color offset. The Presstek 52DI is engineered to deliver the lowest cost per page for print runs of 250 to 20,000 while maintaining its cost advantage in much longer run lengths. The Presstek 52DI is a breakthrough product for commercial printers who must constantly work to reduce makeready times, increase job throughput and improve productivity to remain successful in an increasingly competitive and demanding marketplace.

The innovative 52DI eliminates the expense of a separate plate production process and all of the extra steps associated with off-press plate imaging. Instead, prepared digital files are sent via a high-speed network directly to the press where plates are automatically advanced and mounted on the press cylinders and imaged simultaneously—in perfect register.

75DI Product Demonstration

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