Petratto Cordoba 3 Heavy Duty Creaser Folder

Key Features

  • Die Matrix Creasing and Perfing
  • V Fold Plate Configuration for Sperior Folding of Thick Substrates
  • Available Stop Perf Attachment for T-Perfing
  • Available Pile Stream or Belt Feed
  • Available Inline Gluing

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The Cordoba range utilizes a rule and matrix system to crease substrates prior to folding. Heavy board, plastics, or lamination in addition to cross grain or digitally printed work can now be created without a die-cutting machine.

The Cordoba incorporates a traditional folding section with a knife and matrix creasing unit. The folder has a modified roller configuration and fold plate angle, which eliminates cracking and curl when folding heavy stocks.

Petratto Cordoba 3 Product Demonstration Video

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