Dynagram Dynastrip Postscript, PDF, and JDF Imposition

Key Features

  • Easy-to-learn light-table interface: Forget the outdated, complex data-entry methods of many imposition products
  • Flexible: DynaStrip is tested, certified and bundled with all industry-standard workflows
  • Handles PostScript, EPS, DCS, ICF, PDF, PJTF and JDF files
  • Keeps template creation and management to a minimum
  • Reduces waste through job ganging and press-sheet optimization
  • Outputs to any printer, digital imaging device, imagesetter or platesetter
  • Robust and optimized for high-performance production

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Dynastrip is a high-end imposition software, tailored to tackle any imposition job. Its powerful object-oriented architecture and light-table interface allow customers to fully customize and control their imposition layouts. Its flexibility is unparalleled: Dynastrip integrates with all major workflow systems and RIPs and can handle files from over 100 applications. With over 12 years of evolution in real production environments, Dynastrip is the new standard in imposition.

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